Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - Tempe, Arizona, USA

In the aftermath of my bicycle accident I’ve been searching for a way to stay in physical shape, at least until my collar bone heals sufficiently that I can return to bicycling. My surgeon has cleared me for bicycle riding after the 15th of August, but after meeting with him on the 18th of July I was cleared for swimming.

I used to swim laps at a pool on a regular basis about 15 years ago, so I knew what was involved. I immediately bought swimming trunks, extra towels at Goodwill, and a pair of swim goggles. That afternoon I went swimming for the first time in years and gingerly tested my shoulder’s ability to do the breast stroke and freestyle. I spent about 30 minutes in the pool splashing around.

Two days later, on a Saturday, I went to the pool again to do laps. After spending 40 minutes in the pool and swimming about 800 yards (meters), I went back out into the scorching heat of an Arizona summer afternoon and the car would not start. After about 10 minutes of trying to start the engine, it suddenly turned over and ran beautifully. The last time this happened was about a year ago.

When I arrived at one of my favorite grocery stores to purchase a sandwich for lunch, I noticed a Tempe Police vehicle cruising through the parking lot. About a year ago my car engine would start for about 10 minutes outside my apartment complex and when I finally arrived at my destination an Arizona State Trooper drove by.

The car ran flawlessly for the next week, but when I got into the car the following Saturday, a swim day, the car would not start again, at all. I rode my bicycle to the library and swimming pool instead, violating my surgeon’s recommendation that I avoid bicycling. My shoulder was fine during the ride and I remained within a commuting speed.

The following Monday I got into my car and it started right away, but the wheels seemed to be making a lot of noise traveling down the road. I heard it again today and examined the lug nuts on my wheels. The following photo shows shiny spots on the lug nuts consistent with recent loosening. The last time these lug nuts were removed was a year ago, when I bought a new tire. These shiny spots could be due to changing the tire a year ago, but it seems unlikely. I could be wrong, but if I’m not and someone has messed with my car again, then this photo documents what may have occurred during the dark hours of the night. 

The sudden and inexplicable inability of my car starting happened frequently in South Carolina, during a period when I would take really long drives to force the people following me to spend a lot on gasoline. Most of these people were driving full size pickup trucks, SUVs, and cars, while I was driving a Honda Civic getting about 40 miles to the gallon on the highway. For every dollar I spent on gasoline, I suspected they were spending 10 to 20 dollars. If they were also paying salaries, then all the better.

So, when my car suddenly decides not to start after my second swim session, my paranoia was triggered. Given the heat and the prohibition on bicycle riding by my surgeon, I had become very dependent on my car for getting around. The sudden inability of my car starting correlated exactly with my beginning to get back in shape and strengthening my right shoulder through swimming, a great cardiovascular workout. And, as happened the last time my car wouldn’t start for 10 minutes, a police officer was at my destination. It’s almost as if my car was prevented from starting until the police could get into position. However, the second Saturday was simply to prevent me from going anywhere that day.

It seems important to note that directed energy weapons development by the U.S. military has as one of its goals the disruption of electronics, including vehicle electrical systems.

In 2007, when I was preparing to drive from Tucson, Arizona to Charleston, South Carolina for a new job my car suddenly quit working. This happened less than a week before my move. The car wouldn’t start and I was forced to tow it to the Honda dealership for repairs. The cost of repairs was around $700-900 dollars because part of the electrical system, the ignitor, had failed. This was a bit surprising since the dealership had replaced the ignitor less than a year ago, but since repair warranties are typically 90 days to 6 months, I had to pay for a new one. This pattern, if it is a pattern of harassment, is consistent with victims being forced to pay for vehicle repairs caused by malicious activity and to discourage victims moving from one location to another to escape the harassment.

If I am right, then the failure of my car’s electrical system on repeated occasions to work properly is consistent with the use of directed energy weapon’s targeting. However, the shiny spots on my lug nuts could indicate an attempt by the perpetrators to become less dependent on interfering with the car’s electrical system as a way to constrain my activities. It could all be a coincidence, but then again, maybe not.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013 - Tempe, Arizona, USA

Follow up to yesterday's post: "The Devil is in the Details"

After posting the blog entry yesterday I began to ruminate about the possible reasons for the alleged targeting strategy I feel I'm being exposed to. Micturation syncope and vertigo would indeed put me at risk for reinjuring my shoulder, but there is a curious correlation with the amount of sleep that I've been getting. One of the symptoms associated with being tortured is an elevated pain threshold, along with an increased risk of learned helplessness, depression, and anxiety (1,2,3). As I weaned myself off of the narcotic painkillers after the bicycle accident, and then again after surgery, I realized that it was easier to fall asleep while experiencing considerable pain. I guess what I'm suggesting is that the narcotics eased me back into a higher pain threshold.

After stopping the pain medications a few days after surgery, I began to ignore the extreme amount of pain I was experiencing at night and fell back asleep. The result was an increase in the amount of sleep I've been able to get since surgery and an increase in my cognitive and physical energy levels. A few nights after this pattern began, the alleged micturation syncope attempt and the vertigo symptoms began. When I look over the past two weeks, what I see is my increasing ability to get more sleep than before the accident due to an increased pain threshold and this resulting in the debilitating vertigo symptoms. In other words, as I began to enjoy some relief from the debilitating effects of chronic sleep deprivation, which had lasted for years, I began to experience the debilitating effects of vertigo. Given that chronic sleep deprivation has always seemed to be Plan A in the targeting strategies, maybe vertigo is Plan B.

To support my allegations that I'm being targeted by directed energy (radio frequency) weapons, I attached a simple, low-cost, digital multimeter between my skin and the electrical ground available in my apartment. This $30 volt meter collects readings once every second and transmits it to a laptop computer for data collection. The data can be easily imported to Excel for analysis. Below is the overnight recording of voltages that developed at my right middle back on the night of June 22, 2013. This is actually remarkable because this is the thickest part of the body so it is very difficult to develop a large voltage at this location. The wrists, ankles, and neck are better locations to gather readings because there is more resistance to current flow and greater resistance produces a larger voltage. The meter was set to measure DC or direct current voltage and has auto-ranging capabilities.It should be noted that the DC component of radio frequency energy absorbed by the human body is a minor percentage of the total. Most is converted to thermal energy and another large percentage is transmitted through the body to ground (4,5).

The following is my overnight heart rate (HR) data during the same period (10:42:02 pm June 22). This data was collected using Tech4o sports watch with a chest strap. This data is typical of what I see most mornings when I upload the data from the watch. Notice that the HR is elevated around the time that a voltage spike occurs in the digital multimeter data above. For example, the voltage spike occurring at 2:41:36 am anticipates a spike in heart rate by 13 seconds (sample rate for heart rate monitor is once every 5 seconds).

Based on my research, the maximum voltage that a person can develop during muscle activity is 1 millivolt. In the digital multimeter data the voltages frequently enter the 1-2 volt range and remain elevated in the hundreds of millivolts range for extended periods. Therefore, these voltage spikes cannot be attributed to the voltage generated by muscle movement. In addition, the electrical charge sensed by the digital multimeter may be a local charge, since it would dissipate as it spreads through the body. In other words, the digital multimeter may be picking up charges that develop in the surface of the skin at my right middle back, but not necessarily when it develops at my head or foot.

Alternatively, the voltage could be generated by static electricity when the body brushes against the sheets and blankets. If the scale of the digital multimeter data is reduced, then it become apparent that there is frequently a skin charge that is stable across time. The below figure shows the same digital multimeter data, but with a reduced Y-axis scale.

Static electricity will discharge extremely rapidly when a good ground is available. Based on a ground tester that I purchased ($5), the electrical ground in my apartment is good. Thus any static that develops due to movement across sheets and blankets would be discharged extremely fast (less than a millisecond) through the digital multimeter. It would not remain elevated at 100's of millivolts for hours at a time. At this scale, the lower amplitude voltage spikes are revealed better and it becomes obvious that the time period after 4:19 am contains a large number of frequent smaller amplitude voltage spikes.These spikes could represent lower energy directed energy hits, or hits to locations on my body at a distance from the digital multimeter probe.

To add further support to my claim that the electrical charge that develops on my skin during the sleep period is likely due to an external radio frequency source, I would like to present the overnight voltage readings from last night. It should be noted that radio frequency energy is inefficiently coupled to the human body through the air if is is below the low MHz range (5). Above about 10 GHz, the ability of the energy to penetrate skin without causing surface damage is minimal. This suggests that directed energy weapons used to target human beings from a remote location probably operate between about 10 MHz and 10 GHz. This is consistent with what others have reported, although I have no way to verify their data. I could purchase a spectrum analyzer and determine what is going on directly, but I do not have that kind of money, nor do most victims. For this reason I've limited my strategies to those that can be afforded by someone on a limited income.

Below is the voltage data from last night:
The period covered is almost 8 hours (467 min.). There are almost 11 full voltage cycles evident, which translates into 42 minute and 27 seconds per cycle. The cyclic voltages reach 400 millivolts, which cannot be generated by the human body. In addition, the pattern is inconsistent with static electricity.

Below is the heart rate data for the same night, from  10:20:46 pm June 26 to 06:58:03 am June 27. As shown, there isn't much difference between the HR data from the June 22/23 sleep period and that shown below. The elevated heart rate in the middle of the data occurred around 2:20 am. I made a note in my notebook at 2:29 am that my head temperatures were ranging between 99.0 and 99.7 F, while my oral temperature was 97.2 F. I call this effect the "Outside-In" phenomenon, because my skin temperatures around my head and other locations on my body that I suspect are being targeted is always warmer than my internal temperature. I've used multiple thermometers, so its not a technical artifact.

The above zig-zag pattern has occurred before and I've attributed it to direct targeting of the multimeter to prevent data acquisition. What may be more interesting is that the minor disruptions in the fifth voltage cycle correlate exactly with the elevated HR data occurring at 2:20 am. The heart rate data began at 10:20 am, so minute 240 in the data correlates with the voltage abnormalities, exactly 4 hours after I went to bed.The two large magnitude voltage spikes that are visible occurred at 12:26 am and 3:58 am. The latter time is notable because I was awakened around 4 am on the mornings of June 23 and June 24. The alleged attempts to prevent data acquisition using the digital multimeter helps show that the voltage spikes picked up by the meter cannot be due to static electricity.

The voltage cycles end at:
11:43:40 pm
12:26:49 am (43 min. 9 sec.)
1:09:38 am (42 min. 49 sec.)
1:52:17 am (42 min. 39 sec.)
2:31:21 am (39 min. 4 sec.)
3:14:40 am (43 min. 19 sec.)
3:58:11 am (43 min. 31 sec.)
4:41:41 am (43 min. 30 sec.)
5:24:24 am (42 min. 43 sec.)
6:06:59 am (42 min. 35 sec.)

While the intervals in parenthesis are not perfect, they are creepy. This periodicity is too inaccurate to be a machine, but too accurate to be left up to a human being watching a clock on the wall. The purpose of the baseline voltage, which can be seen in all the digital multimeter data above, is unknown. I have gotten off my bed while hooked to the digital multimeter and the voltage quickly compensates for the change in electrical properties of my body as my feet touch the carpeting. This suggests a feedback loop, one that is capable of sensing the electrical charge on my body and any changes that may occur as I move about my apartment.

I've taken my digital multimeter to the library and for four days in a row obtained similar data. This is consistent with a directed energy targeting program that attempts to create a "seamless" experience for victims. This is, I believe, the whole purpose behind the secretive slander campaigns and other tactics meant to completely isolate the victim. In support of this possibility, I have repeatedly experienced relief when I'm around other people. Back in November I began jogging again and immediately began to have problems, including shortness of breath, pain in legs, knees, and hips, and bloody toes. In December, I ran at the same time that a sponsored race was occurring and along the same route. I ran pain free and had no bloody toes for almost an hour while surrounded by other runners. I've experienced similar relief from the targeting in crowded libraries, stores, and movie theaters.

This is my current hypothesis: victims are slandered, harassed, and stalked by their neighbors, and even family members, for the sole purpose of socially isolating the victims. Once isolated, the victim is much more vulnerable to the directed energy assaults and manipulation. The victim may be driven insane by the torture tactics employed or rendered so beleaguered by an invisible force that innocent bystanders would have to assume the victim is suffering from psychosis. Accordingly, using directed energy weapons to precipitate a bicycle accident would render the victim more vulnerable to directed energy assaults intended to prevent healing from the trauma, both psychologically and physically. In this manner, the victim becomes increasingly chained to their home or apartment. I refer to my apartment as my torture chamber.

Torture regimes have always depended on a prison cell to restrain their victims. The technology-driven directed energy-based, torture regime attempts to restrain its victims through slander, harassment, community stalking, and debilitating directed energy assaults and trauma. Past torture regimes have invariably involved the police and/or the military. Based on my experiences, the police are certainly involved and the technology was probably developed by the U.S. military and intelligence communities. My guess is that the day to day targeting of victims is orchestrated by the police, because the secretive slander and community stalking campaigns would not work without the authority they can bring to the table.

1. Bersh, Philip J., Whitehouse, Wayne, G., Blustein, Joshua E., and Alloy, Lauren B. (1986). Interaction of Pavlovian conditioning with a zero operant contingency: Chronic exposure to signaled inescapable shock maintains learned helplessness effects. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 12(3), 277-290.
2.Smallheer, Benjamin A. (2011). Learned helplessness and depressive symptoms in patients following acute myocardial infarction. (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest. Publication number 3479899. 
3. Cohen, Sheldon, Rothbart, Myron, and Phillips, Susan. (1976). Locus of control and the generality of learned helplessness in humans. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 34(6), 1049-1056.
4. Miklavcic, Damijan, Pavselj, Natasa, and Hart, Francis X. (2006). Electric Properties of tissues. Wiley Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering.
5.  Foster, Kenneth R. (2000). Thermal and nonthermal mechanisms of interactions of radio-frequency energy with biological systems. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 28(1), 15-23.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - Tempe, Arizona, USA

The Devil is in the Details
Saturday, May 11, 2013, 8:30 pm: Confronted by university campus police for sitting in my car, in a metered parking space, using the WiFi signal to access the internet. The police officer claimed I had flipped off the police, but when the officer pulled up behind me and sat for over 5 minutes filling the inside of my care with WHITE light, not flashing blue and red lights, there was no way I could know it was a police officer. Besides, I simply extended my middle finger inside my car without even looking up from my computer. This means the officer had been sitting there for several minutes watching me, possibly waiting for me to do exactly what I did. I was told to leave campus property and never come back, or I would be thrown in jail. I filed a complaint with the University President’s Office and the police responded with an information gathering phone call and promised to get back to me within a few days. Never heard from them again and I returned to using the campus library system the following week, on Monday, May 20.

Monday, May 20, 2013: Ignored the officer’s warning that if I returned to campus that I would be cited for trespassing and thrown into the Maricopa County Jail.

Sunday, May 26, 2013: I am almost finished with the first half of a 40 mile bicycle ride when a full-size red pickup truck passes me on my left. I’m riding north on 94th Street in Scottsdale and am approaching the intersection with Sweetwater. The red pickup pulls up next to the curb, about 2-3 cars back from the red light, thus blocking my ability to proceed to the intersection. I assume the driver is turning right, so I go to the left of the truck and the light turns green. The truck then pulls back into the lane, almost hitting me, and I extend my right arm to fend off the rear fender. The bicycle begins to wobble for some unknown reason and I black out. When I wake people are standing around stating the ambulance is on the way. I ask about a red pickup truck and they respond in the negative. Based on the audio recordings, I did not cuss as I began to crash, something I’ve always done in the past. I landed on my right side, breaking four ribs and my collar bone, but my hand, wrist, and arm were unscathed. This means that I did not try to protect myself and was probably unconscious before I hit the ground. Based on the audio recordings I was unconscious for 3 minutes. A CAT scan at the trauma center revealed no head trauma, although the bicycle helmet revealed a few small dents. I’m released from the hospital on Wednesday and informed that my collar bone was lined up good and should heal well.

Friday morning, May 31, 2013: I wake up and my right shoulder is 1-2 inches lower than it should be (it should be noted that most of the injuries and traumas that I experience on a daily basis occur during my sleep period when I’m most vulnerable). A doctor orders an x-ray later in the day and it confirms that my collar bone has shifted several inches (for pictures of the x-rays see blog entry of June 14, 2013). Over the weeks since, I have been almost constantly assaulted on my right shoulder by directed energy weapons, apparently with the purpose of contracting the muscles in my back, chest, and arm, but only on the right side. This causes a lot of discomfort and increases the probability that I will not fully recover from the bicycle accident. This targeting strategy also provides an explanation for how my collar bone shifted so dramatically while I was asleep. The following week, the orthopedic surgeon who treated me after the bicycle accident agreed to do surgery to correct my collar bone alignment problems.

Wednesday morning, June 12, 2013: The orthopedic surgeon cut into my right shoulder and repositions the bone fragments. He then places a metal plate along the break, which is in the middle of the collar bone in two places, and attaches the plate to the bone with screws. When I’m able to finally look into the mirror after leaving the hospital, I see that my shoulders are level again. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013: Waited since February for a first visit to see a psychiatrist as a new mental health patient at the VA Healthcare system and was informed two hours before the appointment that he was out sick and I would have to wait until October to see a psychiatrist. Seeing a psychiatrist is required for getting access to mental health services that the VA provides, so in essence I was being told that I would have to wait almost a year before getting access to services. I went in and a receptionist recognized my predicament and I was able to see a psychiatrist that day anyway. While there, I had a nurse help me with changing the dressing on my surgery wound and she informed me that it looked like it was healing really fast. This good news invigorated me and I began to use my right arm more. In addition, I had largely ignored the constant assaults on my right arm by directed energy weapons since surgery, because I was told by a doctor to not use the arm. Therefore, the targeting was irrelevant for the first week. However, hearing the nurse state that the wound looked great motivated me to begin aggressively protecting my arm from these assaults so I could begin recovering arm and shoulder function.

Friday Evening, June 21, 2013: To ‘protect’ my right shoulder and arm better, I ‘encrusted’ it in digital voice recorders. During the weeks after the surgery I was so beleaguered by the directed energy assaults to my arm, shoulder, ribs, and back, and was in so much pain, that I failed to take care of my voice recorders properly. One of them dropped too many times on the tile floor, resulting in the destruction of the microphone and battery compartment. Another had absorbed too much sweat from my walks in the Arizona heat that its functionality declined to the point it was worthless. After purchasing new voice recorders and repairing one of them partially, I had three at my disposal. I taped all three to different locations on my shoulder and upper arm, with the express purpose of capturing the EMI events. The other purpose would be to discourage attacks to my arm by the presence of the digital voice recorders. This strategy is consistent with the engineering literature, which documents the adverse interaction between radio frequency radiation above about 10 MHz and the operational amplifier circuitry in digital audio equipment.

The movie below depicts one such EMI event occurring during a period of wakefulness at 3:57 am on June 22, 2013. Notice the very narrow width of the two EMI events that precede a ‘fat’ acoustic event and how a relatively quite ‘sound’ is able to corrupt the acoustic trace in the FFT window. The acoustic event was a high-pitched beep produced by a temple thermometer. This voice recorder was a Sony Digital Flash Voice Recorder (ICD-PX312). The clicks that can be heard is the mouse clicking.


When these EMI events occurred I had just become aware that the tissue above my perineal body (the nether region of my body) was hot (99.8 F). After searching through the literature online, I discovered an association between this tissue and a condition called “micturition syncope.” In older men, if they suddenly get up after a deep sleep and urinate standing up, they may faint because of a sudden drop in blood pressure. The exact cause is unknown, but it may be due to rapid emptying of the bladder or going from lying down to standing up too fast. Around 2005, I fainted several times at night when I got up to pee. Once, I even fainted while sitting on the toilet and my head hit the tile floor so hard that I cut the skin. However, sitting on the toilet should have prevented the fainting spell ( These ‘fainting spells’ lasted only a few weeks and probably occurred 3-4 times during those weeks.

In addition, on May 1st, 2013, almost 4 weeks before my bicycle accident, I went to the emergency room at the VA hospital complaining of feeling dizzy and dehydrated. They ran two EKGs, monitored my blood pressure for an hour, did an orthostatic/postural hypotension test (blood pressure lying down and standing), and did blood work. When the nurse unhooked me from the machines she stated that I “… had the vitals of a 20-year old.” In other words, the emergency room doctors discovered that I have a very healthy cardiovascular system, equivalent to that of most 20-year olds (I’m 56 years old). They patted me on the head and told me to stay hydrated better. At the time, my resting heart rate was somewhere between 40 and 50 bpm because I was averaging about 100 miles per week on my road bike.

I have had several bicycle accidents throughout my life. In 1982 I failed to see a black car parked in a dark location on a street and sailed completely over the car. I didn’t remember sailing over the car or hitting the pavement with my face. In other words, I must have lost consciousness before I hit the ground. The only road rash was on my face, which is consistent with a failure to protect myself from hitting the pavement. I’ve been in a few car accidents and other bicycle accidents, without ever fainting. In fact, aside from the few weeks that I fainted at night when peeing or these two bicycle accidents, I have never fainted for any reason. I have never been a fainter and my blood pressure has always been normal or a little high.

The point I’m trying to make is that the many doctors have checked my heart function over the decades and have never found anything of concern. Even though fear can cause syncope, I’ve been in plenty of fearful situations and not fainted. Case in point, I made it through Marine Corp boot camp without fainting. Based on my experience, the directed energy weapons that I’ve been exposed to are both mobile and quite capable of inducing a partial or full loss of consciousness. For this reason and the reasons mentioned above, I find it hard to ignore the possibility that a loss of consciousness was induced at the same time that I was trying to avoid the red pickup truck (which I did). In addition, I don’t understand why the bicycle began to wobble, since I had to extend my arm to hit the truck’s fender. The truck did not hit me. I hit it with my fist. I fail to comprehend why the accident even happened, unless I begin to consider the possibility of directed energy manipulation of my ability to remain conscious and the vestibular system (the vestibular system controls balance and an assault on this part of the brain would have caused the bicycle to wobble).

If, for the sake of argument, I assume that I do not faint, even in the scariest of situations, then I can count on my hand the number of times when my fainting seems suspicious: in 1982 when I sailed over the car and hit the road with my face, for a few weeks in 2005 when I fainted repeatedly during the night when peeing sitting down or traveling to or from the toilet, and in 2013 when I passed out before hitting the pavement after a near hit and run. All told, about 5-6 times. It should be noted that true syncope results from a loss of nutrients to the brain, which is in turn due to a sudden loss of blood pressure. In other words, syncope results from inadequate blood flow to the brain. How this could explain the bicycle accidents is beyond me, since my heart and blood pressure would have been elevated after having just bicycled 17 miles, or how it could explain the fainting spell while sitting on the toilet.

If this argument is extended a bit further and directed energy assaults are included as a possible explanation, then directed energy assaults are used to induce accidents and injuries in staged situations. The purpose of this strategy seems to be limiting the mobility of the victims, by causing traumatic injuries and then prolonging the healing process. Another purpose could be to create a history of medical traumas to the brain, so that emergent cognitive and psychiatric symptoms could be explained away as a product of traumatic brain injury. Head trauma can also provide cover for abnormal medical findings on CAT scans, MRIs, and EEGs, when in fact the abnormalities are being caused by daily exposure to directed energy radiation.

So, when I woke up shortly before 4 am on Saturday morning, June 22, 2013 and measured a skin temperature of 99.8 F over my perineal body, I feared an attempt to induce a fainting spell that would be attributed to micturation syncope. The purpose of the fainting spell would probably be to reinjure my right shoulder.

Saturday, June 22, 2013: I again encrusted my right shoulder with digital voice recorders in preparation for sleep. Shortly after 4 am the following morning (déjà vu), I began to experience vertigo. I do have a history of vertigo, but it didn’t begin until after I moved out of a homeless shelter and into an apartment in Tempe, in 2011. For the next four months I sought help through the VA and they did everything they could, but could not give me a definitive diagnosis. The most common form of vertigo (90% of all cases) is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), which is due to salt crystals in the inner ear rolling around (Lee and Kim, 2010, Journal of Clinical Neurology, vol. 6, p. 51). The symptoms emerge when the head changes position, for example when rolling over in bed or getting out of bed. The symptoms are transient and rarely persist during normal daytime activities. This description would match the symptoms I experienced for the first few days following the first episode at 4 am Saturday morning.

Over the past few days the vertigo symptoms have increased in intensity and have become independent of head position. Yesterday morning I sat up on the edge of my bed and my eyes were scrolling upward. In other words, my eyes were unable to fixate on a point. This condition subsided within a few minutes and I was able to get up and proceed with my day, but I was dizzy all day long.

This morning was even worse as I staggered to the bathroom and tried to get ready for my day. It is now 2:14 in the afternoon and I still feel dizzy after sitting for hours working on my computer. These symptoms are more consistent with vertigo caused by traumatic brain injury (Blyth and Bazarian, 2010, Emergency Medical Clinics of North America, vol. 28, p. 571). If the vertigo is due to the bicycle accident exactly one month ago, symptoms of traumatic brain injury should have appeared almost immediately. As I often do I checked the temperature of the skin on my head and at other locations. Head temperatures ranged between 100 and 101 F on the left side of my head, while my oral temperature was just 97.3F. This difference is consistent with the absorption of considerable radio frequency energy by head tissue, where the vestibular system is located. The left side of my head was a fraction of a degree warmer than the right side and the temperature of my inner thigh agreed with the oral temp. The latter observation confirms that the temple thermometer I use to check skin temps generally agrees with the oral thermometer. The conversion of radio frequency energy to heat is the most common outcome of the interaction between electromagnetic energy and biological tissue. I noticed the same difference between head and oral temperatures the previous morning.
Immediately following the bicycle accident on May 26, 2013, the trauma team at a Scottsdale hospital repeatedly checked me for memory and other forms of cognitive impairment. A CAT scan of my head was performed, the imaging tool of choice for a trauma case with loss of consciousness (Blyth and Bazarian, 2010, Emergency Medical Clinics of North America, vol. 28, p. 571), and it showed no brain damage. Over the next couple of days, the nurses kept checking for signs of traumatic brain injury and found none. The most logical conclusion, therefore, is that the past week of worsening vertigo symptoms have nothing to do with the bicycle accident.
If the vertigo symptoms have nothing to do with the bicycle accident and the symptoms are consistent with head trauma, then the only other explanation that I can come up with is that the head trauma is due to directed energy assaults on my vestibular system when I’m asleep and awake. This conclusion is consistent with my observation that the vertigo symptoms tend cycle between very mild to debilitating every few minutes, as if the trauma was being sustained by a directed energy hit every few minutes. In addition, being around other people tends to lessen the severity of symptoms, as if the perpetrators are fearful of innocent bystanders noticing something strange.
To Recap:
    1.      Saturday, May 11, 2013: Kicked off university campus by police officer
    2.      Monday, May 20, 2013: Campus police fail to respond to my complaint so I return to using the campus libraries on a daily basis
    3.      Sunday, May 26, 2013: Red pickup truck blocks my way. When I try to go around, again blocks my way. During this maneuver, the bicycle begins to wobble and I lose consciousness for unknown reasons. As a result, I fail to protect myself when I fall and sustain a broken collar bone and four broken ribs. Trauma team fails to find any evidence of head trauma.
    4.      Friday morning, May 31, 2013: Two days after being released from the hospital I awake with my collar bone severely out of position.
    5.      Wednesday morning, June 12, 2013: Surgery to correct the displaced collar bone.
    6.      Friday, June 21, 2013: After allowing my shoulder to rest in a sling for 8-9 days, I begin to become proactive about discouraging the targeting of my right shoulder by aggressive use of digital voice recorders. That night the skin temperature of my perineal body is elevated, raising fears of an induced fainting spell that could reinjure my shoulder and prolong healing.
    7.      Saturday, June 22, 2013: Still being aggressive about documenting directed energy hits to right shoulder and vertigo symptoms begin to emerge, at the same time in the morning. For the first few days, the symptoms are consistent with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, but by today, the symptoms have become consistent with head trauma. In the absence of any evidence of head trauma after the bicycle accident a month earlier, the only explanation that I can offer is that directed energy is being used to traumatize my vestibular system, with the goal of keeping me tied to my apartment.

Note: In case the reader hasn’t noticed, I think it is interesting that one week after the police kicked me off campus I returned, and one week later I have an accident caused by a full-size red pickup that leaves the scene of the accident.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013 - Tempe, Arizona, USA

The severity of targeting with radio frequency beam weapons has increased substantially over the past 6 months until it is almost constant. The only time I’m not aware of being hit by an RF beam is when I’m asleep. At times, the amount of pain being caused brings tears to my eyes and makes it very hard to breathe. At times, the pain felt inside my body is so intense that I become nauseous and start to feel like I could vomit.

Since the bicycle accident on May 26, 2013, the targeting has focused almost exclusively on the injured areas of my body. These include four broken ribs and a broken collar bone on the right side of my body. The pain experienced is much greater than the injuries could ever cause. The overall effect is to experience pain that even prescription narcotic painkillers can’t even quiet. This is consistent with the unbearable pain I felt last Wednesday morning as I was waking up from general anesthesia, after having my collar bone screwed back together with metal plates. I interpreted that event as punishment for not letting my shoulder heal poorly.

The punishment continues. This morning the targeting of my right middle back and right shoulder was as bad as it has ever been. I walked to the university library at noon today and maintained a digital voice recorder on my left shoulder and over my back on my right side. After arriving in the library and sitting down, the attacks to my back were picked up by the brand new Olympus digital voice recorder I purchased an hour ago. The video below provides both a graphical view of the soundtrack and the audio portion of the soundtrack. The electromagnetic interference (EMI) events can be heard clearly in this section of the recording. 


The next video reveals how the EMI events corrupt the audio signal. I use the mouse to move the cursor in the graphical view of the audio soundtrack and the FFT frequency analysis window shows the corruption plainly at several locations. 


At about 3:00 pm inside the university library a session of intense pain began. I sensed attacks to the right side of my middle back, right shoulder/collar bone, and my right arm. However, when I looked at the heart rate pattern it looks like my HR begian reaching 100 bpm at 1:58 pm, as I’m sitting in the library working on a Word document. Note that both occurred at the top of the hour. This elevated HR is due to the amount of discomfort and pain I’m feeling during these assaults. When I arrive on campus I flip a coin to see which library I will go to and today the coin took me to the library where I was last time. It may be possible that it took the perpetrators until 2:00 pm to move the targeting equipment to this library. I’m currently at the library I frequent the least. 
At home, I’m able to electrically connect the surface of my skin to the positive terminal of a digital multimeter and connect the other lead to electrical ground. Every second the software for this digital multimeter captures the voltage that is present on the surface of my skin. Below is a the pattern of voltage that my body generated while I was being assaulted in my own apartment. I was trying to watch a movie at the time and was lying down on the bed. The Excel graph below represents the voltages picked up by the digital multimeter between about 5:30 pm and 10:00 pm. 
 It is possible to generate data of RF beam weapon assaults, but publishing this data has not had a beneficial impact for me. If anything, as I generate more convincing evidence, the targeting gets more severe. Currently, it feels like I’m being tortured with pain 10 hours or more out of every day. This shouldn’t be too surprising since there is no oversight for this illegal activity and everyone knows that the worst human rights abuses occur where the sun does not shine.

Note: The Excel spreadsheet of the digital multimeter data requires a formula for converting out of range values to numeric values. For anyone who is actually trying this, the formula is as follows: =IF(AND(B2="-0L",C2="mV"),-400,(IF(AND(B2="-0L",C2="V"),-4000,(IF(AND(B2="0L",C2="mV"),400,(IF(AND(B2="0L",C2="V"),4000,(IF(C2="mv",B2,1000*B2))))))))).

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013 - Tempe, Arizona, USA

11:06 am in Tempe Public Library. Started working on a freelance article that will bring in some income and the targeting of my injured shoulder increased substantially. Almost exactly two weeks after a university police officer kicked me off campus without a valid reason (see last blog posting) I had a bicycle accident. The police never responded to the complaint I filed through the University President’s office, so I ignored the threat to throw me in jail if I returned and began working in the library again.

A week after returning to my habit of working on campus a bright red full size pickup truck passed me on my left as I was approaching a red light on my bicycle. The pickup truck got ahead of me and stopped next to the curb, thereby preventing me from being able to pull up to the intersection. I assumed the truck was going to turn right so I went around him on his left, but the light turned green and the truck pulled back into the lane. I stuck my hand out and struck the truck’s left rear fender loudly, but then my bicycle began to wobble inexplicably.

I don’t remember much of the accident, but when I awoke the red pickup truck was nowhere to be seen and the ambulance was arriving. I was wearing a bicycle helmet. The trauma team at the hospital found a shattered collar bone and four broken ribs, all on my right side. When I finally had time to think about the accident a few things seemed off. First, I had only minor road rash on the palm of my right hand and the wrist was not sprained or bruised. Whenever I have had accidents in the past, I always stick my hands out in front to protect myself. When I fell asleep behind the wheel of a car driving across the desert I braced myself with my left hand and broke a bone in the hand. The few bicycle accidents that I’ve had in the past have resulted in me swearing loudly as I put my hands out to break my fall.

Just prior to the accident on Sunday, May 26, two voice recorders were actively recording and captured the audio portion of the accident. I never cried out, never cursed loudly or softly, and given the amount of damage that the right side of my body sustained, I should have broken my right wrist in an attempt to protect the rest of my body; however, all I had were two very minor skin abrasions on the palm of my right hand and no bruising and no sprain.

Over the past few years I have become aware of the fact that my level of consciousness is often manipulated with directed energy (radio frequency beams). When I’m working on an article with a tight deadline I sometimes start to feel inexplicably drowsy, as if I’m starting to lose consciousness. At night, during the sleep deprivation tactics, I learned to do breathing meditation as a countermeasure. My tormentors would respond by simply targeting my head until I lost consciousness.

In light of these experiences, it seems entirely plausible that the bicycle accident on Sunday, May 26 was precipitated by my losing consciousness prior to hitting the ground. The absence of me swearing and any serious injuries to my right wrist support this possibility. In other words, a situation was created that placed me in confrontation with a pickup truck and to ensure something bad happened I was hit in the head with directed energy weapons. From my perspective, this explanation is most consistent with the evidence.

When I went over the audio recording it sounds like I am conscious right after the accident. The people helping me are talking to me like I am conscious as well, but I remember that I didn’t really become aware of what was going on until shortly before I started to ask and answer questions. This was about two and a half minutes after the accident. The ambulance arrived almost exactly 5 minutes after the accident.

Based on the pattern of directed energy targeting I’ve experienced since the accident, including while still in the hospital, the goal appears to be limiting my mobility and encouraging me to become dependent on narcotic pain killers. Exactly one week after the accident I began hiking to the campus library to work, which is about 25 minutes each way with a slightly heavy shoulder bag. This is pretty good exercise.

The targeting of my injured side was severe during the walk and while working inside the library, but when that failed to dissuade me from hiking and working each day, they began to target the left side of my body too. The result was the experiencing of pain and debility independent of injury and physical effort. The skin over the painful areas was also frequently warmer than other parts of my body, which is consistent with the absorption of significant amounts of radio frequency energy. For example, my back would reach temperatures in the 99.0 to 100.0 F range, despite my oral temperature being in the 97 F range. I frequently observe this outside-in temperature gradient when I’m being targeted.

I was released from the hospital three days after the accident. Two days later, during the early morning hours, I experienced and full body jerk when half awake. When I awoke a few hours later my right shoulder was a few inches lower and x-rays revealed a severely displaced collar bone fragment. A week and a half later the orthopedic surgeon pieced my collar bone back together with metal plates and screws on the morning of June 12, 2013, in order to help my shoulder heal more normally. As I came out of general anesthesia, the pain in my right shoulder was unbearable and the nurses became frantic in their attempts to relieve my suffering.

In the days leading up to my surgery appointment, the directed energy targeting and gangstalking activity became severe. When I arrived at 4:30 am for surgery, the directed energy assaults followed me through the check-in and preoperative procedures. The assaults would cease whenever someone stood next to me, but the rest of the time the targeting was severe. This pattern of targeting in anticipation of surgery left me with the impression that my tormenters would have preferred my shoulder remained distorted. This interpretation is also consistent with the amount of unbearable pain I felt when I awoke after 2 hours of surgery. In other words, that was my punishment for having gone through with the surgery. The surgery worked though and my shoulders are level again.

I stayed one night in the hospital for observation. I suspect the surgeon was so worried by the amount of pain I experienced upon waking from general anesthesia that he felt it would be better to let me stay overnight. Normally, this type of operation is done as day surgery. If I’m right and my experiences have been due to gangstalking activities and directed energy targeting, then this persecution program is the source of a significant amount of medical expense and confusion for innocent medical professionals.

My night in the hospital following surgery was equivalent to almost total sleep deprivation. Despite being on narcotic painkillers, which tend to knock me off my feet, a state of wakefulness was maintained for most of the night. Although directed energy was the cause of a significant portion of the sleep deprivation, the acoustic patterns were also consistent with an orchestrated effort to deprive me of sleep. More than two dozen times during the night I heard a loud door slam or someone begin talking loudly outside my door, right after having fallen asleep. This pattern did not exist during the first two nights I stayed in the hospital immediately after my accident, but it did eventually emerge during the last night. In other words, to create this pattern of sleep interference in a hospital requires advanced notice. Since my surgery was scheduled, it probably wasn’t difficult to get the ‘right’ people involved in the targeting.

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and today my shoulder feels pretty good. However, whenever I start working on my freelance articles, which is my only source of income, then the targeting to my newly fixed shoulder increases to almost unbearable levels. The message seems to be that if I want to earn money it will cost me the use of my right shoulder. 

My shoulder upon release from the hospital and before surgery was required:

My shoulder two mornings after I was released from the hospital, upon waking in the morning: